• Metacade is a blockchain-based gaming platform that seeks to become the top spot for Web3’s play-to-earn industry.
• It has driven millions in investment since its presale launch, with each stage selling out quickly.
• Metacade offers players reviews, leaderboards, forums, alpha testings and tournaments where they can earn rewards.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a community hub aiming to be Web3’s number-one spot for all things P2E gaming. It’s a platform where gamers, developers, and crypto investors alike come together to explore the latest P2E games, take advantage of multiple earning opportunities, and directly influence the future of blockchain-based gaming. At its simplest, Metacade features everything players could want from a gaming community: reviews, leaderboards, forums, alpha tests and regular tournaments.

Why Has Metacade (MCADE) Been Selling Out in Presale?

Some investors have highlighted the value Metacade offers gamers at every step of their P2E journey. New players can read reviews and game leaderboards to find out which games are worth playing while learning tricks of the trade from more experienced players. More advanced players are able to share their knowledge and opinions on the latest games in return for MCADE tokens and compete in tournaments for a chance to win big rewards.

Unique Features That Attract Investment

Metacade has some unique features that have attracted investment from across the crypto space during its presale rounds. These include community rewards such as MCADE token drops and weekly draws; access to exclusive content; early access alphas; special events like Q&As with developers; as well as Metagrants which allow users to crowdfund projects in exchange for MCADE tokens when they reach their goal amount.

The Future of Play-to-Earn (P2E)

With GameFi predicted to take off in 2023 and beyond, many have been looking towards investing in crypto projects that could dominate the play-to-earn industry. Many analysts predict that later stages of Metacade’s presale will see significant FOMO due to its potential success within this space – so it’s important for investors not to miss out by understanding what makes it so attractive before making an investment decision!

How To Avoid FOMO When Investing In MCADE

If you’re looking at getting involved with investing into MCADE before it sells out then there are some key points you need aware of: understand what makes it attractive compared with other crypto projects; research how much has already been invested into it; look into any additional features or incentives that may be offered during later stages of their presales; compare your own risk appetite against others taking part; consider whether there are any risks associated with certain markets or exchanges when buying/selling MCADE tokens after they list on them; always ensure you do your own due diligence before making any decisions!

Cardano’s Support For UNHCR

• Cardano is launching a charity staking effort to support the UNHCR.
• This move shows how crypto and digital assets can be used for social good.
• A self-sustaining charity stake pool will be created for donors to commit their ADA tokens.

Non-Custodial Charity Stake Pool

The charity stake pool will be operated as a non-custodial program that will benefit all parties involved. Donating crypto helps the UNHCR receive a continuous stream of funds to power its humanitarian efforts, while donors receive the benefits of staking their ADA tokens. There is no limit to the amount of ADA that can be donated and 3.5 million ADA coins have been delegated to the pool by the Cardano Foundation and Switzerland Government. The pool will be operated by Taurus, a Swiss-based digital asset infrastructure provider.

Crypto For Social Good

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly being used for social good projects such as when hundreds of millions of donations were sent to Ukraine during its war with Russia last year, including from Cardano and Binance exchange which sent $10 million in funding as well as additional funds through BUSD.

Benefits Of Crypto Donation

Using cryptocurrencies for donations has many benefits such as transparency, security, speed and cost efficiency compared to other donation methods. Furthermore, they are less prone to fraud since they are immutable and easily traceable on the blockchain ledger system. Lastly, crypto donations provide an easy way to track contributions while allowing donors access over where their money is going since it can easily follow transactions on a public blockchain ledger system.


Cardano’s collaboration with UNCHR demonstrates how crypto assets can be leveraged for social good initiatives around the world in providing aid and assistance where needed most efficiently and securely using blockchain technology. With its unique features, cryptocurrency could potentially revolutionize charitable giving in making it easier for people to donate without having any administrative or legal hurdles in terms of sending money across borders or regions quickly and more cost effectively than ever before possible

• Ethereum (ETH) is readying for its upcoming Shanghai upgrade, which will allow withdrawals of 17 million staked ethers.
• Speculation has been that the ETH price could be impacted by this new wave of selling pressure.
• However, analysis suggests that the outflows may be cancelled out by new stakers, thus reducing overall selling pressure.

Shanghai Upgrade and Ethereum Price

The Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem is readying to make over 17 million staked ethers withdrawable through the upcoming Shanghai upgrade. After the United States Securities and Exchange Commission indicated that cryptocurrency staking programs are unregistered securities, speculation has been ETH will record increased sell pressure in the short-term.

Impact on Ethereum Price

The Ethereum price has been on a falling trend since hitting its ATH around $4,800 in November 2021. Up over 30 percent YTD, the Ethereum price is retesting the upper bound of the falling trend. As the Shanghai upgrade nears, speculations on the next Ethereum move are expected to heighten its volatility. Moreover, some crypto traders believe the Shanghai upgrade will induce further selling pressure, while others think the contrary.

Analysis on Outflow Pressure

According to Nick Hotz, vice president of research at digital asset investment firm Arca, the net outflow will be cancelled out by new stakers, thus reducing the overall selling pressure. With total ETH staked by over 532k validators increasing by day analyst interviews by media outlet Coindesk believe more coins will be staked after Shanghai upgrade Furthermore The Ethereum staking industry offers an annual percentage rate of about 5.2 percent

Long Term Outlook On ETH

Rich Falk-Wallace chief executive of institutional crypto data platform Arcana said key driver of ETH price action would be what narrative market creates about long-term outlook based on short term behavior If stakers steadily withdraw from pool it could create bearish sentiment but if they increase their stake it could result in bullish outlook


Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai upgrade could have an impact on its price depending on how investors react to it Analysis suggests that net outflow might get cancelled out due to influx of new stakeholders Long-term outcome depends on narrative created based on short-term behaviour


• Elon Musk has been linked to several price surges of Dogecoin (Doge) after his tweets triggered speculations among investors.
• Just recently, Musk tweeted an image with the caption “It was me, I let the dogs out”, which caused a 6.6% increase in Dogecoin and a 2.5% increase in Shiba Inu prices.
• The Blockchain Research Lab study on the effect of Musk’s moves on crypto showed that there was a 3% average price range for each of the 47 events after his tweet.

Musk’s Tweet

Recently, Elon Musk made a joke about letting loose the doges when he posted an image with the caption „It was me, I let the doges out“ on Twitter. This tweet caused Dogecoin to surge by 6.6 percent and Shiba Inu by 2.5 percent as well. After this tweet, Musk followed up with another one where he wrote „Fact check me @CommunityNotes.“

Blockchain Research Lab Study

The Blockchain Research Lab conducted a study on the effect of Elon Musk’s moves on crypto and discovered that for each of his 47 tweets there was an average price range of 3%. Additionally, whenever there is an immediate and large spike in price, it is usually followed by another 45-minute price spike afterwords.

Dogecoin Price Movements

The 24-hour move of Dogecoin has been within the ranges of $0.0832 and $0.0872 following Elon’s tweet which implies that while it did experience some upward momentum, it could not break its key resistance level at $0.09 before experiencing its first retracement as seen in its chart data.


Elon Musk seems to have quite an influence over investors as evidenced by his tweets causing such large fluctuations in many cryptocurrencies‘ prices including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coins specifically.

• NvirWorld, a blockchain technology innovation company, and World Vision – an NGO for international relief and development have signed a business agreement.
• The MOU aims to develop a transparent and healthy donation culture using NvirWorld’s self-developed blockchain patent technology.
• NvirWorld will donate all the profits from the exhibition sale of media artist Lee Lee Nam’s solo exhibition to support emergency relief efforts in Turkey and Syria through World Vision.

NvirWorld Signs MOU with World Vision

Singapore, Singapore, 18th February, 2023, Chainwire NvirWorld – a blockchain technology innovation company, and World Vision – a non-governmental organization (NGO) for international relief and development, have signed a business agreement at the World Vision Korea headquarters.

Developing A Transparent Donation Culture

The MOU with the world’s largest NGO aims to develop a transparent and healthy donation culture using NvirWorld’s self-developed blockchain patent technology, which is expected that will contribute to activating the transparency and reliability of the current donation system.

Benefits Of Blockchain Technology

In particular, NvirWorld’s patented technology enables transactions and payments in places without network connection or natural disasters such as earthquakes happened this month on the 6th in Turkey and Syria. Through this patented technology, it is expected that payments and transactions can be made even without an internet connection or when a disaster happens. The technology also provides a foundation for anyone to enjoy economic benefits equally and freely, even in situations where opening a bank account is difficult, and it is expected to create a transparent donation culture by incorporating it into the donation system and operating more donation campaigns that are free and fair.

Public Interest Donation Campaigns

NvirWorld, which is specialized in blockchain has been operating public-interest donation campaigns based on blockchain technology since its foundation to spread the positive effects of blockchain. Through various CSR activities such as UNICEF International Children’s Fund campaign for children in Afghanistan & Haiti; Dokdo NFT donation campaign; Myanmar campaign etc., they have donated total $146144.

NvirWorld announced that it will donate all the profits from the exhibition sale of media artist Lee Lee Nam’s solo exhibition,“조우: Encounter“ currently being held at NVIRGALLERY in Gangnam District South Korea to support emergency relief efforts in Turkey & Syria which are suffering from aftermath of earthquake through World Vision.

• RenQ Finance (RENQ), Polkadot (DOT), and Dogecoin (DOGE) are great options for investors this month.
• Dogecoin (DOGE) has seen a surge in its value as Elon Musk continues to back the meme coin.
• Polkadot (DOT) has increased trade volumes, while RenQ Finance (RENQ) is in its first stage of presale.

Investors Bet On RenQ Finance (RENQ), Polkadot(DOT), and Dogecoin (DOGE) For This Month

If you are exploring new cryptocurrency to invest in this month then RenQ Finance (RENQ), Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE) are great options. While Polkadot (DOT) and Dogecoin (DOGE) have started their upward climb, RenQ Finance (RENQ) is currently its its first stage of presale with prices set to increase soon.

Dogecoin Gains Considerable Boost

According to a recent research study, Dogecoin was the only meme coin that decreased its carbon footprint in 2022.Elon Musk’s assertion that Dogecoin is superior to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for performing transactions is supported by the report. The research and recent market recovery have sparked interest in Dogecoin. As a result, during the past few weeks, Dogecoins value has significantly surged. Over the past month, Dogecoins price has increased significantly. The price of Dogecoin is expected to climb in the coming weeks, according to analysts.

Polkadot Has Increased Trade Volumes

The Polkadot multichain network was created to bridge the gap between existing blockchain networks to create a single, integrated network. It has a para-chain that allows for the customization of blockchains while allowing them to operate independently from the parent chain. Recently, Polkadot has developed into a popular hub for new chains. For instance, the SubSocial Chain architectural framework was transferred from Kusama to Polkadot . The network is now seeing increased interest from MantaPay and other protocols.

RenQ Finance Starts Its Presale Very Impressively

The first stage of RenQ Finances‘ presale has had a blockbuster start. Crypto investors are rushing to RenQ Finance to buy its tokens. RenQ Finance is an all-in-one Defi Platform that houses each DeFi product under one roof.


RenQ Finance(RENF), POLKADOT( DOT )and DOEGECOIN( DOGE )are great crypto assets which can be invested this month both short term or long term basis depending on investor’s risk tolerance level.

• LBank Exchange will list ARIALAND (ARIA) token on February 6, 2023.
• ARIALAND is a virtual reality platform based on Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create and experience content while generating revenue.
• ARIA is the native token of ARIALAND ecosystem, allowing users to earn profits through virtual real estate, real estate arbitrage, or real estate rental and advertisement placement.

LBank Exchange Lists ARIALAND (ARIA) Token

LBnak Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list the ARIALAND (ARIA) token on February 6th, 2023 at 10:00 UTC. This listing will expand the global reach of ARIALAND and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing Arialand

ARIALAND is a virtual reality platform built on an Ethereum blockchain with non-fungible transferable digital assets stored in an Ethereum smart contract. Users can claim ownership of these virtual real estates with the native token ARIA ERC-20 tokens. Through their own real estate they can build NFTs such as various buildings and landmarks which can be used for trading and advertisement posting amongst other activities within the metaverse. Users may also rent out virtual offices, stores etc., earning profit in return through tokens. The decentralized nature of this platform ensures that no one person can modify or hack any content or economic activity within it.

About The ARIA Token

The native token of the Arialand ecosystem is called ARIA and is designed to reward users for their efforts by providing them with various ways to generate income such as through virtual real estate purchases or renting out land for advertisements etc.. NFTs are preferentially sold through open markets so that users are provided with smooth services in the virtual world when acquiring, maintaining or planning their own estates .


With this listing on LBank Exchange all users now have access to trade in the ARIA/USDT pair from 10:00 UTC February 6th onwards.. This listing should further expand Arialand’s reach globally and help it achieve its vision of creating a huge community made up of diverse users who come together to form a network in this metaverse environment.

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1. Ripple partner DeeMoney has entered a partnership with Visa to fully integrate Visa Direct into its global payment platform.
2. This partnership allows users to send funds directly to their friends‘ or family’s debit card accounts in real-time to more than 170 countries in over 160 transaction currencies.
3. This partnership rides on the back of its earlier partnership with Ripple and is intended to enable real-time payments 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Ripple partner DeeMoney has recently partnered with Visa to offer its users with a faster and more secure way to send money globally. The FinTech giant out of Thailand and a 3-year-old partner with Ripple, has fully integrated Visa Direct into its global payment platform. This partnership enables users to send funds directly to their friends‘ or family’s debit card accounts in real-time to more than 170 countries in over 160 transaction currencies.

The chief executive officer of DeeMoney, Aswin Phlaphongphanich, explains the value that Visa offers. He mentioned that Visa’s speed and security make it ideal for real-time payments. This partnership allows our customers to send funds directly to their friends‘ or family’s debit card accounts in real-time to more than 170 countries in over 160 transaction currencies. It also enables real-time payments 24/7, including weekends and holidays, which are not feasible with traditional bank payments. Furthermore, Visa claims that 30 minutes is more than enough for recipients to receive funds after the transaction.

The partnership with Visa comes on the back of the earlier partnership with Ripple. The partnership was intended to increase the efficiency and speed of payments. It is expected that this new partnership with Visa will build upon the earlier one and expand the company’s services to more countries and currencies. The integration of Visa Direct will enhance the user experience and make it easier for customers to send money globally.

The Visa Direct integration will also give DeeMoney access to Visa’s global network of merchants and customers. This will enable the company to expand its customer base and offer more payment options to its users in Thailand and other countries. Additionally, this partnership will enable DeeMoney to offer its customers low transaction fees and quick processing times.

With this partnership, DeeMoney is taking a step towards becoming a major player in the payments market. The company is looking to expand into new markets and increase its customer base. This partnership with Visa will enable DeeMoney to make real-time payments 24/7, including weekends and holidays, which is a significant advantage for its customers. Additionally, the integration of Visa Direct into its global payment platform will provide customers with a secure and fast way to send money to their friends and family. This partnership is expected to be a game-changer for the payments industry and will enable DeeMoney to conquer billion-dollar markets in Thailand and Australia.

• Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market have seen a rally with the BTC price surging to $23,000.
• Ethereum (ETH) has also seen a meteoric surge with its price shooting past $1,600.
• Popular crypto analyst Michael Van de Poppe expects the ETH price to rally to $1,700-1,730 before facing strong rejection.

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a surge in prices over the past few weeks, led primarily by Bitcoin (BTC). As of this weekend, the BTC price has surged all the way to $23,000, representing a 33% increase since the start of the year. This surge has been attributed to the large whale tier group of addresses holding 1,000-10,000 BTC, which collectively accumulated $1.46 billion worth of BTC in the past 15 days.

As Bitcoin was leading the charge, it was soon followed by its closest competitor, Ethereum (ETH). The price of ETH has shot past $1,600, also representing a 33% increase since the start of the year. However, the question now is whether this bullish momentum can push ETH to the psychological level of $2,000.

According to popular crypto analyst Michael Van de Poppe, the ETH price can continue towards $1,700-1,730 before facing a strong rejection. He believes that the current rally will exhaust itself and face rejection, however it will still be able to reach the mentioned price levels. He also warned that if the Relative Strength Index (RSI) fails to support the current rally, then ETH may not even reach the $1700-1730 levels.

Overall, Bitcoin and Ethereum have both seen significant price increases over the past few weeks, with the BTC price reaching $23,000 and the ETH price shooting past $1,600. While some speculators are expecting the ETH price to reach the psychological level of $2,000, it remains to be seen whether the current rally will be able to sustain itself and reach the mentioned levels.

• Twitter Inc is reportedly working on a feature to allow users to purchase crypto coins.
• The payment giant Stripe will power the program and diversify Twitter’s earnings revenue.
• Twitter is also working on a “Coins” menu item to take users to the purchase screen.

Twitter, the social media platform owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is reportedly working to develop a new feature that will allow users to purchase crypto coins. The new feature, which is expected to launch soon, will be powered by payment giant Stripe and is seen as a way to diversify the company’s earnings revenue, which has suffered lately due to a slump in advertising.

The feature, which is known as “Coins”, will allow users to support content creators of their choice at a small fee. Additionally, the feature will also include a “Coins” menu item, which will take users to the purchase screen. The news comes amid a flurry of activity from Twitter, which has been focused on developing new features in the past few months, including “Twitter Blue”, a subscription-based service that allows users to pay a fee for access to additional features.

Twitter has also released a new crypto feature that allows users to search for up-to-date price information. This feature will be particularly useful for those who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

The news of the Coins feature has been met with enthusiasm from many in the crypto community, who have been speculating on the potential impact it could have on the industry. In particular, many are wondering if the feature could lead to Dogecoin becoming the native currency of Twitter, which could potentially drive its price up to $0.10.

Whether or not the Coins feature will have a major impact on the crypto industry remains to be seen. However, it’s certainly an exciting development from a company that has already made waves in the space. With the launch of this feature, Twitter is continuing to position itself as a leader in the world of digital currencies and blockchain technology.