Data Ownership in the Hands of Users: Source Network Joins Chainlink BUILD

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• Chainlink announced Source Network’s inclusion in the Chainlink BUILD program.
• Source Network is a Web3 data management layer, empowering users with ownership.
• The partnership seeks to expedite the expansion of the ecosystem and facilitate its adoption.

Chainlink Teams Up with Source Network

Chainlink recently announced their collaboration with Source Network via Twitter, which will include them in the Chainlink BUILD initiative. Source Network is a Web3-compatible data management layer that allows end users to own their data. Through this partnership, both parties aim to accelerate the adoption of decentralized data management frameworks through access to secure off-chain services and incentives for crypto-economic security.

Source Network’s Objective

Source Network was created as a versatile solution for data management within decentralized applications. It grants developers freedom to construct fully decentralized apps while upholding user confidentiality and ownership, thus giving individuals control over their own internet experience. This will enable developers to establish interconnected apps and devices while also protecting information through cryptography protocols.

The Benefits of Collaboration

The integration of Source Network into Chainlink’s BUILD initiative provides numerous advantages for its users, such as heightened support from Chainlink’s groundbreaking ecosystem and community along with technical assistance from experts in the field. Additionally, it increases the recognition of Source Networks‘ infrastructure amongst users by providing creative incentives for crypto-economic security and oracle services from Chainlink.
By collaborating together, both parties hope to foster widespread adoption of decentralized data management solutions among users worldwide.

Data Ownership at its Core

At its core, Source Networks aim to redefine how individuals interact online by placing emphasis on user-centric data rather than authority figures or big corporations who are currently dominating the space. By offering an easy way for people to manage their own information responsibly without relying on outside sources, it allows them greater autonomy when crafting revolutionary instruments that could potentially shape our future landscape completely differently than what we know now .


The partnership between Chainlink and Source Networks could be seen as an important step towards achieving true decentralization within various online services . With more access to reliable oracle services and innovative incentives offered by this collaboration , it may become easier for businesses and individuals alike worldwide to embrace these technologies in order gain more control over their digital lives while also unlocking new opportunities that come along with Web3 paradigm .