Ethereum Price Won’t Crash: Deep Dive into Shanghai Upgrade Impact

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• Ethereum (ETH) is readying for its upcoming Shanghai upgrade, which will allow withdrawals of 17 million staked ethers.
• Speculation has been that the ETH price could be impacted by this new wave of selling pressure.
• However, analysis suggests that the outflows may be cancelled out by new stakers, thus reducing overall selling pressure.

Shanghai Upgrade and Ethereum Price

The Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem is readying to make over 17 million staked ethers withdrawable through the upcoming Shanghai upgrade. After the United States Securities and Exchange Commission indicated that cryptocurrency staking programs are unregistered securities, speculation has been ETH will record increased sell pressure in the short-term.

Impact on Ethereum Price

The Ethereum price has been on a falling trend since hitting its ATH around $4,800 in November 2021. Up over 30 percent YTD, the Ethereum price is retesting the upper bound of the falling trend. As the Shanghai upgrade nears, speculations on the next Ethereum move are expected to heighten its volatility. Moreover, some crypto traders believe the Shanghai upgrade will induce further selling pressure, while others think the contrary.

Analysis on Outflow Pressure

According to Nick Hotz, vice president of research at digital asset investment firm Arca, the net outflow will be cancelled out by new stakers, thus reducing the overall selling pressure. With total ETH staked by over 532k validators increasing by day analyst interviews by media outlet Coindesk believe more coins will be staked after Shanghai upgrade Furthermore The Ethereum staking industry offers an annual percentage rate of about 5.2 percent

Long Term Outlook On ETH

Rich Falk-Wallace chief executive of institutional crypto data platform Arcana said key driver of ETH price action would be what narrative market creates about long-term outlook based on short term behavior If stakers steadily withdraw from pool it could create bearish sentiment but if they increase their stake it could result in bullish outlook


Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai upgrade could have an impact on its price depending on how investors react to it Analysis suggests that net outflow might get cancelled out due to influx of new stakeholders Long-term outcome depends on narrative created based on short-term behaviour