IOTA 2.0 Launch: Lead Developer Shares Key Updates on IOTACore Advancements

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• The IOTA team has decided to completely rewrite their codebase, IOTACore, due to time-consuming debugging processes and bugs linked to legacy code.
• The IOTACore code structure resembles a living organism, with interconnected blocks acting like “cells” that adapt their state by observing their environment.
• Lead developer Hans Moog believes that this new approach will improve the overall quality and maintainability of the current software.

IOTA Rewriting Codebase for IOTACore

The IOTA development team has made the decision to rewrite their current codebase, known as IOTACore, after facing time-consuming debugging processes and bugs linked to legacy code. In order to avoid delays in the testnet environment, the entire team is now focusing on rewriting components from scratch instead of debugging each bug separately.

Code Structure Similar To A Living Organism

The newly developed code structure for IOTACore is designed in a way that resembles a living organism. Blocks act like interconnected “cells” with adaptive states based on observed surroundings and information spread through references in the Tangle. Each node merely observes these cells in order to form its view and establish a consensus among other nodes within the network.

Lead Developer Discusses Benefits Of Code Rewrite

Lead developer Hans Moog discussed some of the key benefits associated with rewriting software from scratch such as improved overall quality and maintainability of software in future updates. He also highlighted how this new approach would make it easier for developers to find and fix bugs more efficiently without having to wait days for them to reappear in the testnet environment again.

Team Focusing On Developments For IOTACore

Over the last two months, most of the focus from the development team has been directed towards developments for IOTACore which is currently their major priority over GoShimmer prototype. This includes optimising existing algorithms as well as identifying parts of algorithms for “optional optimization” which will be available in future updates once released.


The decision by IOTA developers to rewrite their core codebase comes with an understanding that it may take a significant amount of time for all bugs in this new version of software have been identified and fixed correctly before release. However, they are confident that by implementing this new approach they will be able to create better quality software in future updates whilst maintaining better comprehension across all aspects of their product development process going forward