XRP Set to Reach $1: Bullish Price Predictions After Major Court Case

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XRP Price Could Hit $1 This Summer

• XRP hit a milestone in April, rising 25% since the start of the year
• The SEC levied charges in 2020 that XRP is an unregistered security, but Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse is fighting the charges and predicts the case could be decided as soon as June
• If successful, Ripple could reach $1 by the end of this summer and become one of only two fully legal cryptocurrencies in the US

Risk Factors for XRP

The ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been an issue for potential investors. As it stands now, there is a risk that XRP will be deemed a security token if the court rules against Ripple. This would mean that holders of XRP would have to pay taxes on their holdings, which would discourage investments in the token. However, should Ripple win its case against the SEC; this dark cloud will disperse and create much more positive sentiment around XRP.

Two Other Tokens Generating Bullish Sentiment

In addition to XRP, two other tokens are generating bullish sentiment right now: AiDoge ($AI) and yPredict. Both are AI cryptocurrencies currently undergoing successful presales with AiDoge raising over $4.3 million so far. yPredict offers a crypto trading platform powered by AI technology which is expected to generate strong interest from traders looking for a more automated experience when trading digital assets.

Potential Impact of Winning Lawsuit

If Ripple wins its lawsuit against the SEC, there could be significant upside potential for XRP. Not only would demand for XRP increase due to banks signing onto Ripple’s global payments system but also because it would put it in a class with Bitcoin as among only two fully legal cryptocurrencies in the US. Analysts disagree on exactly how high XRP could go if victorious but they all agree that it could soar within hours of such decision being made public.


XRP has had a very successful April after surging over $0.50 for the first time in six months and rising 25%. The success can largely be attributed to speculation about its upcoming court battle with the SEC which could lead to larger gains should it be successful as predicted by Brad Garlinghouse before June 2021 ends. In addition to this news, two other tokens – AiDoge ($AI) and yPredict – are also generating bullish sentiments due to their ongoing presales success stories signaling more potential growth ahead for cryptocurrency markets this summer season!